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About this module


Dr Richard Russell and Prof Christian Taube discuss the new strategies for pulmonary rehabilitation. A great deal of data was presented at ATS 2016 on pulmonary rehabilitation – we’ve moved beyond discussing what needs to be done to how to do it and how to assess its success. Watch the experts discuss the insights from the congress including how:


  • Early rehab after an exacerbation might not be the best strategy as the patient may not have the exercise capacity
  • It is important to use more than one measure of success in a pulmonary rehab programme, such as exercise capacity, quality of life and anxiety reduction
  • Patient adherence and course completion are key to a successful pulmonary rehab programme
  • Certain aspects need to be personalised to meet individual patient needs
  • Technology provides new tools to help develop meaningful and comprehensive programmes


This webinar episode is part of the ATS 2016 webinar series outlined below.


Webinar series


  1. Introduction to the ATS 2016 webinar series for COPD
  2. Asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS)
  3. Phenotypes, traits and clusters in COPD
  4. Eosinophils and other biomarkers for COPD
  5. Combination therapy in COPD: recent data from clinical trials
  6. ICS use in COPD
  7. Exacerbations in COPD
  8. Co-morbidities of COPD
  9. Structural mechanisms of COPD and the lung microbiome
  10. Biomass fuels and their role in COPD
  11. Smoking cessation and e-Cigarettes
  12. Pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD
  13. Diagnosis and spirometry in COPD
Module Duration
4 mins
Created Date
Monday, August 1, 2016
Dr Richard Russell and Prof Christian Taube
Content Type
Patient management