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About this module


Explore the asthma highlights from the conference – from diagnosis and management within primary care to the burden of the condition. The 2016 IPCRG World Conference focussed on the value of teamwork in improving care for people with asthma. Read this report to gain an understanding of the key topics, including:

  • Burden of asthma on healthcare systems and on work productivity and daily activities
  • Challenges in asthma diagnosis and diagnostic tools (spirometry)
  • Asthma treatment and management
    • Assessing asthma control – taking a good patient history
    • Treatment of not only the body, but the mind too
    • Pharmacological treatment with inhalers
    • Additional controller therapies
  • Challenges in patient self-management in asthma and the importance of patient education
  • Communication between primary and secondary care
  • Smoking and eCigarettes


Module Duration
10 mins
Created Date
Sunday, May 1, 2016
Content Type
Burden of respiratory disease, Developments in Respiratory, Diagnosis, Inhalers and inhaler technique, Partnerships with patients and carers, Patient management, Treatment approaches

The educational materials included here are endorsed by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) The IPCRG provided an expert faculty, who contributed the case studies, and an international reviewing team, who reviewed the educational materials and recommended that the IPCRG endorse them. The IPCRG wishes to thank its expert faculty for their input and the reviewing team for their constructive and detailed feedback. These materials are advisory and intended for general use. They should not be regarded as applicable to a specific case.

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