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About this module


Dr Richard Russell, Dr Thérèse Lapperre and Prof Salman Siddiqui report the COPD highlights from ERS 2017 in Milan, Italy and discuss their personal highlights from the conference. Watch this video to discover the latest developments in COPD medicine, including:


  • Cardio-respiratory crossover – the close interaction of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems – as well as the importance of looking for cardiac comorbidity and treating appropriately
  • Further insights into eosinophilic COPD and an exciting new treatment on the horizon
  • Impact of GOLD 2017 on patient categorisation and treatment strategies


Module Duration
5 mins
Created Date
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Dr Richard Russell, Dr Thérèse Lapperre, Prof Salman Siddiqui
Content Type
Treatment approaches, Developments in Respiratory, Patient management