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About this module


Explore the latest developments in asthma as presented at the ERS 2016 congress in London. Read this report to gain an understanding of the key topics in asthma that were presented at the congress, including:


  • A closer look at adherence to medication and inhaler technique
  • Strategies for improving primary care services
  • Improving diagnosis and recognition of asthma symptoms
  • Supported self-management of asthma
  • Using technology for diagnosing and managing asthma
  • Barriers to collaborative working across healthcare teams
  • Exploring precision medicine, including biomarkers and epigenetics


Respiratory experts, Dr David MG Halpin and Prof Christine Jenkins provide insights on the clinical relevance and possible impact these developments will have on clinical practice.

Module Duration
20 mins
Created Date
Thursday, September 1, 2016
Boehringer Ingelheim
Content Type
Developments in Respiratory, Diagnosis, Inhalers and inhaler technique, Partnerships with patients and carers, Patient management, Treatment approaches