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About this module


Dr Richard Russell and Prof Mona Bafadhel examine targeted approaches to smoking prevention and cessation strategies. The ERS 2016 Congress revealed startling data around young smokers in Europe. Watch this video to support your understanding of education strategies to prevent smoking in young people and strategies to intervene with adult smokers.

This webinar episode is part of the ERS 2016 webinar series outlined below.


Webinar series

  1. Introduction to the ERS 2016 webinar series for COPD
  2. Early life influencers of COPD
  3. Screening for cases of COPD
  4. Approaches to smoking cessation in COPD
  5. Combined bronchodilator therapy in COPD
  6. Role of ICS in COPD
  7. Does physical activity affect COPD progression?
  8. Invasive techniques and novel therapies in COPD
  9. Nutrition and the microbiome in COPD
  10. Profiling COPD patients
  11. Personalised medicine in COPD: role of eosinophils and the upcoming GOLD guidelines
  12. Insights into COPD exacerbations
  13. Co-dependence of diseases of the heart and lungs in COPD
Module Duration
3 mins
Created Date
Thursday, September 1, 2016
Dr Richard Russell and Prof Mona Bafadhel
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